Sheltering Skins

The challenge was to design an enclosure; a short-term shelter for one person, a skin that acts as an environmental filter, while allowing interaction and movement between interior and exterior. It was to express our relationship with the environment.

This intervention is a shelter from ‘following the crowd’ - it’s a reward, nestled amongst towering trees. For those that leave the path, and choose to find their own way, this is their ladder to the sky.

Just like the space race of the 1960s, man should never stop reaching for the stars. While modern concerns of sustainability and environmental impact can not be ignored, neither can the drive of the human spirit. We must keep pushing the boundaries, keep reaching higher, challenging ourselves and our technology. It’s this spirit which will enable us to solve our problems. By not sheltering from them.

The intervention is a tree-like sculpture, designed to be climbed on, in, around, over. There are no surfaces, only metal bars. Climbing it is dangerous, and there is no protection from the elements. When you’re climbing it, there’s no mistaking where you are or what you’re achieving.
The structure will be manufactured off site, and lowered into place by crane, minimizing impact on its surroundings. A concrete base, buried underground, will provide structural support. Mild steel will be used for the structure, coated with bronze to link to the other sculptures in the area.

SARC 111 - Introduction to Design Processes.