Cascading Scales

The wooden louvres of the Meridian Building on Wellington’s waterfront are what I chose to focus on for this project. They are a beautiful element of the building – I especially admire how the designer used wood for louvres that are part of the active climate control system. They are a green element of a green building.

I’ve linked all views by construction lines: The sectional detail of the louvres (scale 1:50) is linked to the main exploded plan/axonometric drawing (scale 1:100) through horizontal construction lines. As this view is drawn on a 30° / 60° orientation, the numbered grid-lines can be drawn down the drawing, scaling them down to 1:200 for the southern elevation drawing. The site- plan, at a scale of 1:1000, is constructed on the gridline E, linking the detailed view of the annex to its location within the building, and the surrounding environment. These cascading scales produce a well balanced, completely linked set of drawings. 

SARC 161 - Introduction to Design Communication.